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Package Delivery system 


  1. Guest(s) signature on the tour Booking / Registration form:

Guest/s signature on the tour Booking / Registration form and/or payment of the initial registration amount whichever earlier shall mean acceptance by the guest/s in totality of the Terms and Conditions contained herein. Affixing signature of one or more guest/s if the group includes large number of guest/s on the 'Booking / Registration form', shall be deemed to mean that the guest/s other than signatories have duly authorized the signing guest/s and all the guest/s for whom the Booking / Registration was made shall be deemed to have been bound by the terms and conditions contained herein. Guest/s are requested to sign such forms, documents or other tour related papers wherever it is required to sign these papers by the concerned guest/s only and not by any other person on guest/s' behalf.

  1. Online Booking:

Guest/s can register and book tour / services online by paying initial amount through our website  and / or through the booking link sent by Plaisir Hospitality Services staff. Booking will be processed on the date of payment depending on seats availability. Online booking is handled from our office situated at. Any dispute or grievances incurred due to online booking shall have exclusive jurisdiction of Mumbai Courts only. We have secured our website with protection technologies to ensure that your information will be kept secure and confidential. However Plaisir Hospitality Services will not be responsible with respect to online booking due to any reason which is not controllable such as booking engine's malfunction including software or network errors. Your online booking needs your confirmation of terms and conditions mentioned on online registration form. Guest/s needs to go through with our terms and conditions and privacy policy, which are displayed on our website and confirm and accept in the course of booking online. Further, Guest/s will also need to send / mail us a copy of the said signed Terms and Conditions confirming that you have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions and other applicable documents including world Showcase and/or Itinerary and / or Price etc. Guest/s needs to send a copy of the first two pages and last two pages of your passport which show the date of your passport, place and date of issue and expiry, address etc. Online payment for your tour shall consider that you have accepted Terms & Conditions of booking Tour. Service charges for online payment is payable by Guest.

  1. Guest(s)' intention to participate in the tour:

The payment of initial registration amount just indicates guest/s' intention of participation in the tour but does not entitle him to any of the services including travel tickets, visas, hotel accommodations etc. until the full tour tariff payment has been received by Plaisir Hospitality Services.

  1. Travelers in need of special assistance:

Special services shall not be given to any specific person in a group tour. Plaisir Hospitality Services, without committing itself or being held responsible in any way whatsoever, shall make reasonable attempt to accommodate the special needs of disabled travelers / senior citizens if informed with required documentations at the time of booking subject to availability & with cost attached to it. Most transportation services are not equipped with wheel chair ramps. A qualified companion at the entire cost of the disabled guest/senior citizen must accompany the guest who may need such services / assistance as the same are not provided by Plaisir Hospitality Services and / or Independent Contractor to the other guest/s in the Group.

Minimum booking of the tour:

The Tour shall proceed only if the number of guest/s who have booked the tour exceed 20 and the said booking of 20 guest/s must be received by Plaisir Hospitality Services at least 30 calendar days prior to the scheduled start of the tour. If the number of guest/s booked for any tour falls below 20,then tour may be merged with other tour and / or tour may operate without Company tour Leader on small vehicle or mini coach and on MAP plan (accommodation with breakfast and dinner) and / or with an additional surcharge. However Plaisir Hospitality Services may cancel the tour without assigning any reason and in such an event the guest/s can claim only the amount paid by him after deducting the taxes & VISA fees if paid by Plaisir Hospitality Services to Visa Processing centre or Consulate. Till the total number of guest/s reaches 20, the booking of the guest/s shall be strictly provisional. In the event of Plaisir Hospitality Services deciding to cancel the tour, cancellation of tour shall be communicated at least 15 calendar days prior to the date of commencement of tour via any of the following modes (a) sms (b) telephone (c) email; as per the information given by the guest/s or by any person for and on behalf of guest/s at the time of booking of the tour.

Merger of Tours: Tours are merged especially when minimum guest criteria is not met by one of the tour or both the tour and / or tours are departing from different locations. Tours can be merged partially or fully. In rare cases, Speciality tours may be merged with Family Tours. Plaisir Hospitality Services reserves the right to merge the tours. Seat allotment in Coach in merged tour shall be followed strictly as per tour booking date.

  1. Health:

Guest/s hereby acknowledges that all the guest/s who have booked the tour have gone through the itinerary and is well aware about the same and are Medically fit to undertake the said tour. The Company reserves the right to ask the guest/s to provide written certification of his medical fitness before departure. The persons who are medically fit to undertake the said tours only shall join the said tour. The persons who are and / or who have suffered from any ailments for which they have taken medical treatment and/or have gone into check up and/or hospitalization shall join the tour at their own risk. In case of any health emergency or health related issues while touring, the guest/s shall solely be responsible for it and to make their own arrangements on the tour for medical assistance & other expenses. Guest/s shall not expect the Tour leader to pay full time attention and / or to provide any medical treatment. It is possible that the Tour Leader may be busy in his work for making arrangements for rest of the group. Plaisir Hospitality Services reserves the right to restrict / modify / amend the tour of such guest/s without assigning any reasons. and. No refund is applicable in such case.

  1. Guest with medical ailment:

The guest/s suffering from any disease at the time of booking / registration is required to provide the MD doctor's fitness certificate to undertake the tour. For Kailash Manasarovar tour maximum age limit is 60 years or as may be decided by the competent authority from time to time and for the said tour the medical fitness certificate of the guest/s is must. In case of death of guest/s, all the arrangements for transportation of dead body including procuring the death certificate, postmortem, repatriation of dead body and all personal effects/property and insurance claims etc. shall be made by the accompanying guest/s and/or relative of the deceased. Company shall make all endeavour to extend any help but cannot guarantee the same. The entire expenses shall be borne by the accompanying guest/s or their relatives. Make My Packages or any tour leader shall not be responsible for the same. If any of the relatives want to visit the country where the guest/s has passed away all the necessary arrangement shall be made by the said relatives only.

  1. Persons other than those booked:

Persons, friends or relatives of the guest/s, who have not booked the tour shall not be allowed in hotel rooms, restaurants, coaches and sight seeing places or for any activity on the tour..


The tour cost may not include insurance charges unless it is mandatory as per the prevailing rules of the respective countries. Guest/s are advised and recommended to acquire adequate Insurance Policy and Overseas Travel Insurance cover as per requirement of Government of the Country concern to meet expense including medical, legal hospitalization, accident etc. during the tour. Presently for most of the European countries, it is mandatory to obtain an Overseas Travel Insurance policy for the tour. In Europe, Egypt and Dubai Tours, Plaisir Hospitality Services facilitates the insurance for guest/s upto the age of 59 years and guest needs to pay differential insurance charges for age exceeding 59 years over and above the tour tariff. It is obligatory for the guest/s to make full disclosure to Insurance Company of guest/s’ medical condition that may affect his ability to take up and complete the full tour. Insurance Company and / or service provider reserves the right to call for any written certification of guest/s’ medical fitness before departure. Plaisir Hospitality Services is insurance facilitator and is not liable / responsible for any reason whatsoever, for settlement of insurance claims and it is a matter solely between the concerned insurance company and the guest/s. Insurance companies do not insure baggage. Guest/s is / are advised not to carry valuables or money on tour and keep any valuables in cargo baggage. In case of any unfortunate event while on tour like hospitalization and / or unfortunate demise, it shall be the sole responsibility of the guest/s and / or relative of the hospitalized person/deceased to contact and submit the necessary claim to insurance authorities for further processing of the claim.

Payments by Guest:

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